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    Summer Southern Brittle Loves the Heat

    Posted by Scott Gonzalez on 7/30/2012
    Hello Three Georges Candy Fans,
        It's hot, hot, hot outside and that reminds me of making Brittle. Brittle candy depends on heat to come out right. It must get very hot before it's ready.
         I never actually saw my Grandma in the kitchen -- my Grandpa was the cook in the family and boy could he cook. But, my mother does remember that Grandma could make a mean brittle in her day and she remembers that Grandma's favorite was southern pecan brittle. Mom had a taste for that brittle and she kept hounding me until I learned how to do it. If you've never watched brittle being made, it's a sight to see. There's lots of action.
         When you're making confections, everyone helping thinks you're yelling at them. You have to get all your ingredients ready, load up your candy kettle and, then, it's a waiting game. As you watch the temperature rise, everyone else has gotten caught up in some story and they're not paying a bit of attention to the pot of boiling lava about to reach temperature. Hot recipes go up to 300 degrees. It's serious business. With candy, when it's time, IT'S TIME. No waiting. Get the stuff on the marble table. Don't forget to oil the marble table top and get your oiled gloves ready, too.
         At the last minute, right as you turn off the fire, add your flavor and then the baking soda. The mixture looks calm and creamy until the baking soda hits and, all of a sudden, it gets really foamy and fluffs up. Quick, time to pour it on the marble table top. Then, you have to spread it before it hardens. Let me tell you, it hardens fast. You flip it once, wearing your oiled gloves, and stretch it perfectly so it isn't heavy. Switch on the big cooling fan and before you know it, it's BRITTLE!
         Call Three Georges Candy Shop at 226 Dauphin Street in Mobile (251.433.6725) to find out when our next batch is being made and come watch. It's one of the more interesting productions of candy. Remember to Like us on Facebook and get special discount coupons. It's our 95th Anniversary. We're celebrating all year and we're sweeter than ever.

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